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Self-service bottle cooler without door opening
Increase your sales
by 40% to 200%
Certified statistics !
Divide your energy consumption by 3
Efficient self-service in FIFO mode


Much more than a cooler… today, a real need!
Exclusive features offered by this new concept are protected by international patents.
The relevant concept and imagined solutions led to its three awards at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva:
  • International Jury Gold Medal
  • Special prize from the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI)
  • City of Geneva prize

The growing market demand for accessibility to products without ''barrier'' and in FIFO mode, as well as reduced consumption of electrical energy required by the European Directive, has led us to develop a unique solution for the market.
We are aware that fully-open refrigerated units offer the advantage of easy access to the consumer. However, these consume a lot of energy, are very noisy, cool the environment unnecessarily and present very high purchase and maintenance costs.
We also understand refrigerated display units, closed by airtight doors, wich the consumer must open to access the stored bottles. This system results in a significant loss of energy and condensation on the glass door each time the door opens. Not to mention the commercial disadvantage of limited accessibility.

The FIFO Green Cooler was intended to provide a solution for making bottles more accessible, while offering an ultra simple design without moving parts and thus without the risk of breakdowns. It also offers a dramatic reduction in energy losses by avoiding the air flow from opening doors.
This new concept is simply economical, practical, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly compared to other known refrigerated display cases.
After a long period of research and development, it is now developed and manufactured in Europe, and finally available for marketing.

Multiplying the features leads to high quality requirements...

Through successful development, the FIFO Green Cooler offers a very high level of quality.
It uses the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant gas on the market: Hydrocarbon R-600A.
Its European manufacturing guarantees the following benefits:

  • Reactivity
  • Quality
  • Optimal delivery times
Benefiting from ultra-simple technology and qualified staff,
FIFO Green Cooler consistently guarantees its customers the highest level of quality.
Warranty: C.E. 2 years for parts and labour.


Customize it with your logo and design !

Partially or Fully:
  • Bilateral sticker: Without a minimum quantity required
  • Customized colour: Starting at 100 units